A film generated by ai about the warming of the earth and a short story about the North Pole.

00:00 Title : The Last Glacier
00:05 Chapter 1 : The Warm Wind
00:53 Chapter 2 : The Journey South
01:56 Chapter 3 : The Encounter
02:52 Chapter 4 : The Hidden Path
03:48 Chapter 5 : The Final Sacrifice
05:20 Chapter 6 : The Sunrise

Chatgpt GTP-4o model
Midjourney alpha web & Discord Midjourney Bot
Runway Gen-2, Image to Video
Suno v3.5 North Pole Dream
Capcut Video Upscaler, upscale-video 2x resolution

This is achieved using several of the most popular ai technologies available today.

Will follow up with an update on how to realize this little movie step by step with these ai's, thanks for your support and subscription, thanks!