What is this place?

This is the world of AI Artificial Intelligence, and with content centered around all things AI, I'm ready to grow with you.

So what does magic mean here?

The only link that AI can establish between the answers it produces through big data and humans is a prompt, which many people describe as a spell.
We have more to say about AI than just spells.

Why does it have to do with magic?

Is it related to Harry Potter :) More and more people will be able to do magic in the near future, as AI will be slowly integrated into everyone's life.

Why learn magic?

The human brain can not carry the weight, the amount of information is limited, the human brain biologically capable of storing up to 100TB of capacity, the artificial intelligence ai through a large number of software and hardware, the result is self-evident.
And artificial intelligence ai through a large number of hardware and software to lift the human shortcomings, the result is self-evident, with the magic power of AI, human beings will accelerate the evolution to a whole new era.

About Magic Candy, Magic Stones, Magic Paintings?

Document AI's evolutionary journey in text, video, images, audio, code and more.